Events & Sculpture Installation

Giant Squids and cats. Fabric art installation on sand dunes at Playground Festival (2015), Christian Island, Ontario. 

Pandemonium Halloween 2022 Cosmovision stage decorations. Head of deco team for an intergalactic garden themed room at the Makers Space,  Montréal, Québec. 

Lead decorations and finishings on the Effigy sculpture for Osti'd Burn, Mansonville Québec, 2022.

Tiphaine's Work

Working at electronic dance events cultivated Tiphaine's interest in large scale interactive sculptures. The pieces she designs for events often include a light component to allow for a visual transformation in the evening. The materials used are informed by function and site, as well as past project experiences. 

In addition to creating interactive sculptures, Tiphaine plans and hosts a biweekly summer music event called "Waiting for the Right Porch" in Peterborough,ON.


Brainstorming, Designing, Delegating a team, Strong material sense, Working towards tight deadlines, Positive and inclusive work environment. 


Rates depend on independent project, material costs and time commitment. Please inquire. 

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